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Water Leak - Gas Leak Detection Phoenix
Water Leak
Our water leak detection services in the Phoenix area uses the most advanced techniques for leak detection available. We can find and repair slab water leaks, any other type of water leak you may have. Slab water leak detection usually points to the floor of your home. However, sewer leak detection usually leads to an outdoor location. Often the damage caused by a slab water leak is visible and easy to identify, but corrrectly identifying the source can be tricky and requires a licensed professional for best results. Cathedral Plumbing utilizes a variety of state-of-the-art technologies for water leak detection depending on the specific circumstances.

As to what might cause a slab water leak, there are a number of possible reasons. One reason, and a farily common one, is soil that contains some component that creates a chemical reaction when brought into contact with certain softer metals like copper. This may result in a slab leak soon after the installation of the plumbing system, but it can also occur years later. Another relatively common slab leak cause is that the galvanized or copper pipes in your plumbing system transport drinkable water, which by necessity for bacterial reasons contains trace amounts of chlorine. Unfortunately, despite the benefits, chlorine also oxidizes metals, particularly softer metals like copper and, over time, can create a slab water leak.

Cathedral also routinely handles gas leak detection. As a homeowner, please be aware that a gas leak is a very serious and potentially highly dangerous situation. If you suspect a gas leak you should call only a licensed and experienced professional plumber. Cathedral Plumbing is a licensed and experienced gas leak detection company. Our professional technicians will come to your home and perform an assessment of all gas-driven systems on the premises the gas producing systems. Detecting a gas leak is often a difficult task that you should never attempt yourself. We utilize state-of-the-art gas leak detection tools, and, if there is a gas leak in your Phoenix area home, we will find it and repair it in the most cost-conscious and effective method that is possible.

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