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When you have a sewer system in need of repair, it is important to understand your options in terms of the different approaches that are possible in solving the problem and getting the sewer repaired. Traditional sewer line replacement or sewer repair typically requires extensive excavation of your property in order to gain access to the sewer system. In some cases the cost of replacing disrupted landscaping, driveways or sidewalks can even exceed the cost of the plumbing work. This approach can also result in a fair amount of disruption for your household in terms of noise and temporary limited access to parts of your property.

Although we do offer traditional sewer repair and replacement, in the vast majority of cases we recommend trenchless sewer repair, which is also known as pipe bursting. In this approach, a cone shaped tool called a "bursting head" is inserted into the existing pipe and forced forward. This has the effect of shattering the existing faulty pipe and forcing its pieces into the surrounding ground. Simultaneously, a new pipe of either the same or larger size is pulled into place through the ring-shaped opening created by the expansion of the bursting head.

Finally, the back of the bursting head is connected to the new pipe while the front of the bursting head is connected to either a pulling rod assembly or a winch. Then, the bursting head guides the new pipe into place.

Cathedral Plumbing Phoenix is happy to offer fast estimates on both traditional sewer repair / replacement and trenchless sewer repair / replacement. Please use our online estimate form or call 972-446-2500.

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