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How To Fix A Toilet That Keeps Running

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A running toilet can be a major annoyance. It makes an annoying noise, and it wastes a lot of water and money. Fixing a running toilet is relatively simple if you understand the functionality of how the flushing mechanism works. It is usually the fill valve that is the problem. It either is not closing properly or it stays open for a few minutes at a time, letting water through and making the noise that drives so many people insane. Having a quick look at each of the components is the fastest way to find and fix the problem.

When you flush a toilet, water is released from the tank by raising the rubber tank ball, which is attached to the handle. When you pull the handle down, the rubber tank balls go up, unplugs the hole and allows the water to escape. It rushes down the sides of the toilet bowl and then pushes water and waste through a trap door at the bottom of the toilet, and into the city sewage works.

Once the tank has been emptied, the tank ball falls back into place. It closes the flush valve so that the tank can fill up again. For this to happen, the ballcock opens and allows new, clean water into the tank. If the sound of a running toilet is keeping you up at night, a quick check inside the tank will give you some idea of what’s going on. Flush the toilet while the lid is off and observe the mechanics and what happens once all the water has been emptied from the tank.

Sometimes it could just be that the guide rod or chain needs to be straightened out; have a look and make the necessary adjustments. Check to see if the floating mechanism has water in it, and if this is the case, it will need to be replaced, which you can do by simply unscrewing it. If this does not solve your problem, there is a chance something is preventing the valve seat and stopper from closing. Check for small blockages under the stopper first, and then see if there is any damage to it or build up that could be stopping it from closing properly. If this is the case, you will just need to replace the valve seat and stopper with new parts from your hardware or home DIY store.

If the sound of running water stops and starts or is interrupted by a hissing sound and periods of silence, then your flush valve could have a slow leak. If this is the source of the problem, the flush valve can also be replaced with ease. When you are making replacements you should always take your old parts to the DIY or hardware store to make sure you get the exact fit and model that you need. It is also advisable to turn the water off once you decide to start replacing parts, as this will ensure that you do not flood the bathroom.

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  • How To Fix A Toilet That Keeps Running
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